In the world of Hollywood, you’re not someone unless you take a billion selfies on your Instagram to prove it to your droves of followers. Take Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, for example – these three post a brand new shameless selfie on the daily, leaving us to wonder one question: who is the Ultimate Shameless Selfie Offender?

Chelsea Briggs caught up with MTV’s Girl Code’s hilarious pair Jamie Lee and Nicole Byer, along with Hollywire’s own Melissa Hunter, to break down this selfie epidemic.

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First off, let’s allow Jamie and Nicole to actually define what a “shameless selfie” really is. “I think all selfies are actually shameful, but I do think they’re fun to do. I just think you can’t have too much arm in there,” Nicole explained. Next note? “Shameless selfies are when you don’t just say it’s a selfie,” Jamie added.

That part is one that Bieber, Kim and Rihanna should all take into account. RiRi, taking a photo of yourself with the caption “Stuck in traffic” is the exact kind of shameless selfie we’re talking about. But in the end, Justin and his endless shirtless pictures take the win for ultimate photo offender, according to our panel.

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Which celeb do you think is the ultimate selfie offender?