Kim Kardashian may have been M.I.A. once she welcomed her daughter North back in June – which is so unlike her, by the way – but she stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Wednesday to show off her post-baby figure. Plus, she opened up about she really felt about the world “fat shaming” during her pregnancy.

Walking out in a lace, see-through dress over a black bra and hot pants, Kim revealed that all that criticism she received over her weight during her pregnancy was hard to deal with. Um, any woman would be hurt by that! “It really hurt my soul,” she said. “It changed how I am in public. I’ve tried to live more of a private life.” Ahh, so that explains her disappearance from the public!

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You may remember a certain revealing photo that Kim posted on her Instagram earlier this month (living a more private life, huh?) of her, 50 pounds lighter, in a white bathing suit. Well, the reality star described the photo as her “big middle finger to the world.”

While there was plenty to talk about during Kim’s appearance, her new daughter “Nori” was one she couldn’t stop talking about. “She’s the sweetest little girl. She never cried,” she gushed. “She’s a perfect little angel. I hope she grows up to be smart and opinionated like her dad.” Oh boy…

What do you think about all the criticism Kim received during her pregnancy?