Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards is a part of one of the biggest pop girl groups and she just so happens to be engaged to the world’s biggest boy band – Zayn Malik of One Direction. And since Directioners are as loyal and protective as they come, Anti-Zerrie fans make it known to her that they’re not the biggest fans of her. Well, Perrie has had enough and spoke her mind!

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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During a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Perrie had this to say about her faceless critics…

“You just learn to ignore the bad things, really, because the people who are slating you on the Internet are probably massively overweight with hairy pits, smelling of B.O. They’re doing it to make themselves feel better.”

Yikes! But really, we don’t blame her! Being totally in love and getting a whole bunch of hate for it? Not cool! Sure, she could have worded it a bit differently – but good for her for standing up for herself!

What do you think about all of Perrie's haters? What’s your message to them?