Finally! The question we’ve been pondering for months now gets answered! Why is Miley Cyrus always sticking out her tongue?! She addresses the controversial issue in her Saturday Night Live promo for her hosting and musical guest gig this weekend.

In one of her four clips, SNL star Taran Killam asks the question, "Miley, do you mind me asking why you're always sticking out your tongue?" Her answer? “It’s how I smell.” Oh! Duh! Silly us – we should have known that.

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In all seriousness, we’re really curious as to how Miley’s appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend will go. Clearly nothing will be off limits and knowing her, she’ll have no problem poking fun at herself and all the attention she’s been getting. But can she fill a whole show of it? Let's just hope it's funnier than these promos are -- sorry, we had to say it.

Also, we’re wondering how her musical performance(s) will go. I mean, we all know what happened on the VMA stage and we all saw what she wore at iHeartRadio Music Festival. Expect the unexpected might as well be her new motto for every, single performance she does from now on.

Will you be tuning in to see Miley on SNL this weekend?

Are you more excited to see her perform or for her to return to acting?