Miley Cyrus continues to make her rounds on the TV circuit in NYC to promote Bangerz and she stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to do something a little bit different from a typical interview. She teamed with The Roots – and Jimmy, of course – to take on “We Can’t Stop,” a capella version!

Each person getting their own colorful boxes (think Brady Bunch style), everyone created different parts of the hit single’s melody and harmony while Miley was right in the middle, showing off her true talent – her voice. She gets so much attention for her crazy antics, wardrobe choices, etc. that you forget that she actually has some killer vocal chops!

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It’s been a big week for Miley, who wrapped up her hosting and musical guest gig on Saturday Night Live last weekend, which was a perfect opportunity for her to show the world that there’s much more to her than we think. “I think that was a good time for me to show people… that I don’t just twerk and lick stuff. I can sing and I can act a little bit too,” she said. “I’m multi-talented, my parents are proud.”

Miley released her fourth studio album Bangerz just yesterday and it didn’t take long for it to shoot straight to the number one spot on the iTunes charts – in 70 countries! Looks like Miley sticking to who she is and where she really wants her career to go is paying off!

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