Miley Cyrus + Ariana Grande = most epic collaboration ever? That could be up for debate but after their recent Twitter exchange, we’re getting more and more excited about the idea of these two working today, regardless of how random it sounds.

Miley headed to Twitter last Friday to write, “Why did I wake up and immediately write a song for @ArianaGrande … in the shower.” Well, we don’t really know why, Miley but we do know that Ariana is pretty excited about it! She replied, “Omg @MileyCyrus I’m dying I want to hear … And you’re coming over when I get back from London. We’re neighbors after all… there’s no option.”

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Okay, hold on. Not only will these two be working together but did they just become best friends? Making music and hanging out at each other's house? Ah-mazing! Considering they both come from kids TV shows, like Hannah Montana and Victorious, these two actually have more in common than we would all think. They both love working with other artists, such as Mike Will Made It, Snoop Lion, Mac Miller and Nathan Sykes, these two coming together for music would actually be a pretty good idea.

Let’s just hope Ariana doesn’t pick up any fashion tips from Miley though…

What do you think about Miley and Ariana working together?

Love it or hate it?