As if it wasn’t cool enough to say that Hugh Jackman used to teach you in school, one lucky former student can now say that the hugely famous actor actually recognized him on the red carpet!

During the carpet at the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland, Rollo Ross got the chance to chat it up with Hugh and without even saying a word that he knew the actor way back when, Hugh called him out, totally recognizing him as a student at Uppingham School in Rutland.

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But Hugh wasn’t just going to let it go – he spent the majority of the interview – all 1:30 of it – asking, “How is your education going? Did I set you up for life?” Ross may not have gotten to talk too much about the film business as he planned, but who cares? Hugh Jackman remembered him! How cool is that?

What did you think about Rollo’s encounter with Hugh?