One Direction loves giving us Directioners big announcements and they did it again today! New music coming our way this month? Yup, it’s happening!

Chelsea Briggs gives you all the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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1D announced that on October 28th, they’ll be releasing their brand new single “Story of My Life” off their third album Midnight Memories. And the way they announced the song was probably in the cutest way possible – by posting baby photos of themselves on Twitter. How perfect for Throwback Thursday, right?

And by the sounds of it, “Story of My Life” will definitely be right up there with “Best Song Ever” as, well, the best song ever because Niall Horan recently tweeted that it’s one of his favorites off the album. “I think story of my life is my favourite song on midnight memories! Can't wait for it,” he wrote. We can’t wait either! Seriously, the anticipation is killing us.

Serious question: which 1D member do you think was the cutest child?