Alright ladies, we’ve got some bad news to deliver – Ed Sheeran is off the market. What’s that noise? Oh, just hearts breaking all over the world!

We don’t really hear too much about Ed’s love life, besides the constant rumors that him and Taylor Swift are more than best friends and his short fling with Ellie Goulding last August. But it turns out that Taylor really is more than a friend – she’s also the best wing woman! Photos have surfaced of the ginger crooner at an Arkansas wedding with his new girlfriend Claire Donald!

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Clair, who is a model, is actually pals with Taylor and appeared in her “We Are Never Getting Back Together” video and a Ked’s ad campaign. Look how cute she and Ed are!

In an recent interview with Nova, Ed hinted at a possible relationship blooming thanks to Taylor, saying, “There’s friendship love, but [Taylor and I are] not romantically involved. She’s probably the world’s best wingman. She’s got some cool friends.” “Cool friends” obviously meaning Claire.

Alright, we’ll admit that we’re a teeny, tiny bit jealous of Claire but so happy for the two!

What do you think of Ed’s new girlfriend?