Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock just became our two favorite late night TV guest stars when they both appeared on the UK’s Jonathan Ross Show. You may remember this talk show when Justin Timberlake took shot after shot after shot while playing put-put golf a few months ago.

Now, why were these two just so amazing? Well, there was a whole lot of nostalgia going on while they were promoting their films – Sandra’s Gravity and Tom’s Captain Phillips. First up, Sandra! She took a stroll down memory lane and admitted that she learned all the lyrics to Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in order to win a guy over – and it worked. But the best part is, to this day, she still knows every single word and showed off her rapping skills on Ross’ show!

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As if we didn’t love Tom enough already, he went ahead and recreated one of our favorite movie scenes of all time with Sandra – the epic piano scene from Big! Yup, he still remembers how to play “Chop Sticks” – with his feet – and yes, Sandra can do it… in heels!

Which TV moment was your favorite?

Sandra’s? Tom’s? Or both?