On Monday, we got the first listen at Taylor Swift’s new song “Sweeter Than Fiction” with fun.’s Jack Antonoff from the upcoming flick One Chance, telling the story of Paul Potts, who gained major success after winning Britain’s Got Talent.

“Getting to see the struggles and triumphs of someone [Potts] who never stopped chasing what he was after really inspired me,” she explained. “It’s a beautiful movie and I just wanted to share it with as many people as I could.”

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While Taylor may feel like she was the perfect fit for the song, her management team felt otherwise, which led her to fighting to be a part of One Chance. “I had to fight to do this because I try to take a break in between albums and try and give people a minute to not hear me on the radio," she said.

"I had to go around and ask people, ‘Can I please, please put something out?’ even though we’re supposed to be going quiet,” she said. “My management, my label were like, ‘No new music until the next album comes out.’ Then I saw the movie and I was like, ‘I have to be a part of this.’”

What do you think about “Sweeter Than Fiction?”

And what about One Chance?