Are you ready for the best day ever? We’re talking about November 23rd – 1D Day! The fellas of One Direction are dedicating a whole day to us fans, giving us the chance to interact with them. Want in on the details? We got them!

Chelsea Briggs explains it all in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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All week 1D has been teasing us with some sort of big announcement (they tend to like those kind of things). And this morning we finally got to hear what they had up their sleeve – a seven hour live stream with the guys. Yup, seven hours! Throughout the day, we’ll get to see what an actual day is like for our five favorite fellas, get visits from celebrity guests, special features and Directioners will get the chance to suggest ideas that will play out throughout the day. Sounds pretty epic, right? That’s because it is!

The live stream will be perfect timing since their third album Midnight Memories will be dropping on November 25th, just two days after the big event. We’re going to bet that we’ll probably hear a few snippets from the album!

What do you hope happens during 1D Day?

And which celebrity guests do you want to see on the show?