It’s always gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when we see some of our favorite music videos reach viral status – “Best Song Ever” anyone? And then… there are the bad ones.

The ones that we wish would never see the light of day (we’ll never unhear “Friday”). And now, we have another awful viral video called “Chinese Food” that’s making Chelsea Briggs scream one thing: WTF?!

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Produced by the same guy who created Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and that one “Thanksgiving” song, Patrice Wilson, is back with another viral song. 12-year-old Alison Gold has stepped into Rebecca’s shoes and singing all about her love for Panda Express and we just don’t get it! The video reached two millions views in 24 hours – 24 hours, you guys. WTF!

What is with these cringe-worthy songs that gather up so much attention? We just don’t get it. But if we’re reporting on it, then maybe we’re part of the problem… whoops!

So the WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: No idea is bad...Yeah seriously this song is a hit!

What do you think of “Chinese Food?”