Zac Efron has a lot to celebrate with his 26th birthday. He successfully completed a stint in rehab five months ago for what is believed to be a drug addiction and spent his big birthday at Hollywood hot spot Chateau Marmont alongside Robert Pattinson and Joe Jonas last weekend.

“Zac had a small birthday party at Chateau last night,” a source told Us Weekly. “No girls at the table.” Along with playing a few rounds of golf with his dad, it sounds like Zac had a good, clean birthday celebration. But did he really?

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There are a few reasons why this story rubs us the wrong way, allow us to explain. Joe has been on the negative side of the press lately and it’s not just for his band’s sudden tour cancellation drama. It was last week that he was spotted out and about with an addiction specialist, leaving many to believe that Joe may have similar problems as to what Zac dealt with earlier this year. Also, Chateau Marmont is known to be the celebrity party spot and a favorite of pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan.

We just hope that it really was a squeaky-clean birthday for Zac because he deserves it.

What do you think?

Does Zac’s birthday sound suspicious?