Backstreets back – alright! Sorry, but whenever the Backstreet Boys do anything we always have the desire to say that.

And with the release of their new music video “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of),” we definitely felt the need to do it because, while the video has a pretty basic concept, we can’t help but think of their “vintage” video for “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.”




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With all the shirtless action, close-ups and obviously Nick Carter’s finger point, it’s like old school BSB all over again. The fella premiered the video on their official Facebook page, but you can see the teaser above. Also, can we talk about A.J.’s beard? He’s practically a grizzly man.

Backstreet Boys are currently gearing up for their European tour, which kicks off in February, but not before fitting in a few shows in the U.S., starting on December 4th.

What did you think of BSB’s new video?