So if you are to see anyone in concert, you might want to invest in some Beyoncé tickets because by the looks of it, she’s continuing to be the coolest performer out there. Can we reminisce about this photo bomb real quick?

Queen Bey continued her streak of being awesome by FaceTiming a fan mid show. Could you imagine? FaceTiming with Bey-freaking-once!

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The moment went down once Beyoncé spotted a fan in the front row holding up their phone. Once she walked over and snatched it up, she exclaimed, “This is a first. He’d doing FaceTime right now!” Let’s just stop for a second and think about how that person on the other end of the phone was feeling? Shock. They were probably feeling nothing but shock.

Beyoncé then turned the phone to herself and said, “Hi. Nice to meet you.” Yup, like it was nothing. Like she was just casually meeting someone on the street. We’re going to bet that the star struck fan didn’t respond with, “Oh, hey! Nice to meet you! What’s your name again?”

BRB, gonna go buy front row tickets to a Beyoncé concert real quick.

How would you react if you got to FaceTime with Beyoncé?