Justin Bieber is back in town and he apparently wanted all of his neighbors to know it. The 19-year-old threw quite the party last Friday night at his Calabasas, Calif. home, bringing in over 100 guests, including Snoop Lion. While we’re sure it was pretty the rager to be at last weekend, Bieber’s neighbor wasn’t a fan.

In fact, his neighbor – the same one who threw around spitting allegations a few months ago – called the cops three times throughout the evening for noise complaints. At around 5:30 AM, Justin’s neighbor called for the third time and filed a police report for disturbing the peace. It’s also being reported that he said the police smelled weed coming from Justin’s mansion but no arrests were made.

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Justin didn’t seem too upset about the police report or keeping his neighbors up until the wee hours of the morning. TMZ’s cameras caught the singer as he was walking around Los Angeles and told the paparazzi, “You shouldn’t have missed it. It was wild. It was wild! It was some ‘Great Gatsby’ s—t.”

While we can only imagine what it was like inside Bieber’s party and the fact that he had guests sign a confidentiality agreement before entering tells you how smart he really is. According to TMZ, guests agreed not to say, write, post or tweet anything about what happened inside the party or they would have to pay $3 million! So crazy!

What do you think about all of Justin’s party drama?

And do you think it’s smart for him to have guests sign a confidentiality agreement?