Demi Lovato returns as The X-Factor judge this season as a mentor for the Girls Team, ready to crown this year’s champion.

All of the finalists and judges kicked off the Top 12 by hosting a finalists party in Los Angeles Monday night and Chelsea Briggs caught up with Demi to get the low down on what we can expect from the girls this season. Also, how does she really feel about handing out some harsh criticism every now and then?

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Since this is her second go-around as an X-Factor judge, Demi admits that she’s actually kind of used to giving criticism to the contestants when it’s needed. “I’m kind of used to doing it now,” she said. “I want them to do the best that they can do so giving them harsh criticism isn’t difficult for me if I know they’re going to use that criticism.”

Demi has always been an inspiration for girls, both on the show and off. But when it comes to being a mentor on The X-Factor, she admits that being honest is the best way to handle it. “I just give them the best advice that I can in the moment,” she said. “If I hear that they’re pitchy, I tell them they’re pitchy and to work on it.”

You can catch Demi and her Girls team on The X-Factor, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8PM on FOX!

How do you think Demi’s team will do this season?

Do you see a winner coming out of the girls?