Reunited and it feels so good! Our favorite ladies of Fifth Harmony made their grand return to The X-Factor last night to rock out – in onesies, of course – to their single “Me & My Girls.”

Afterwards, our very own Chelsea Briggs was reunited with 5H for some reminiscing and get the details on their upcoming debut album and touring with Demi Lovato!

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Talking about their return to where it all began, Camila revealed how she actually had to step away to compose herself after getting so emotional! Aw girl, we don’t blame you!

What has to be so excited for these girls is returning to The X-Factor after all their success and all their exciting future plans, from touring with Demi to the upcoming release of their full-length debut album. Which, by the way, when will that be happening?! “It’s still in the works – we’re still working on it, fine tuning. It’s pretty much done and should be coming out next spring,” Lauren said.

While we were so excited to be hanging with the Fifth Harmony girls, our favorite moment had to have been when they jumped into our interview with Sweet Suspense to console them after their shocking elimination!

What are you most excited for from Fifth Harmony?

Their tour with Demi or their full-length album?