Are you ready for yet another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence? Because we have one that might be at the top of our “Reasons We Want to Be BFF’s With Jen Law” list.

The cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire walked the carpet at the film’s London premiere Tuesday night and while many of us were completely dying over how much we love Jennifer’s new pixie cut (seriously, it so cute), she was more focused on making a fan’s life. After spotted a fan in a wheelchair behind a barricade, she did this…

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Asking security to move the barricades, Jennifer knelt down in front of the fan, chatted it up, signed autographs, snapped a photo – we can’t. Why is she so perfect? This may seem like a pretty normal thing that anyone would do, but how often do you see celebrities go out of their way like Jennifer did? Not that often, really.

In other Catching Fire news, we’re only 10 days away from the film’s release! And to get your prepped and ready to head into the arena, take a listen to Lorde’s cover of Tears for Fears’ classic song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” for the film’s soundtrack!

What did you think of Jennifer’s actions?

And are you loving Lorde’s song for the film?