Okay, this is just weird. The Jonas Brothers reunited in Mexico just a couple weeks after they announced that they were splitting, except there was a little problem – only Nick and Joe were there. Where’s Kevin?

The two brothers appeared at the Telehit Awards in Mexico City, performing and presenting an award throughout the night. And while we were left scratching our heads as to why the guys were already reuniting after being split for such a short amount of time and why Kevin wasn’t with them, there actually is a good reason behind it.

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According to TMZ, the JoBros had already given their word that they would be a part of the show before they announced their break up! Nick and Joe felt bad for backing out while Kevin, on the other hand, was pretty much over it. Hm, it kind of makes us wonder if it was the older Jonas who really wanted out of the band.

Nick has been jumping right into his new line of work after the JoBros announcement, with the teaser trailer for his film Careful What You Wish For being released and performing a solo show in Napa Valley, California last week.

Are you still heartbroken over the Jonas Brothers breakup or are you kind of over it?