Justin Bieber had a bit of a no-no last night after a sent out a tweet dissing his own record label, and then quickly deleting it. But thanks to the beauty of the Internet that tweet never actually went away.

Ever since Bieber kicked off Music Mondays, every song has hit the number one spot on the music charts – except for his latest one “Bad Day.” Well, apparently he wasn’t too happy about it and sent out this tweet: "wish def jam would work harder on my project labels are shady."

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The tweet was quickly deleted and was followed up with, "beliebers should work at my record label :) good promoting fans." By the sounds of it, Bieber isn’t satisfied with the way his music has been performing and want to point the finger at his label. His newly released music may not be performing too well with radio airplay but let’s be honest – Justin is still dominating! His new music has been receiving great reviews for its new, more mature sound.

Once he picks his lead single to really push for radio airtime, that’s when we think he’ll get the response he’s looking for.

Do you think it was wrong of Justin to put his record label on blast?