It looks like things are about to get all hot and steamy in Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” music video!

The singer released his first video teaser, which shows him kissing and caressing a woman, all while giving those smoldering looks into the camera. Is it getting hot in here?!

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“All That Matters” definitely looks like Justin’s most mature video yet! Talking about the meaning of the songs, he said, "The lyrics of this song are pretty self explanatory - when you fall in love with someone, that someone can make you feel whole. I feel like anyone who has been in love knows what I mean. The song conveys that being in love is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Love is all that matters. But the void you feel when love goes away is gut-wrenching."

While we may have to wait until Monday, December 2nd to catch “All That Matters” in its entirety, we could always just rewatch his short film for his fragrance ‘The Key’ over and over again, right? Throughout the three-minute clip, we watch as Justin goes to three separate rooms, taking women on dates that include dancing on rooftops, running through museums and pretty much everything you’d expect to see in a rom-com.

Are you excited to see Justin’s “All That Matters?”