Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are two of the most talked about celebrities in the world but according to some, they’re also the least influential. GQ created their annual “Least Influential People” list and our favorite headline makers made the cut, with Bieber coming in at number four!

Other stars included on the list were Paula Deen (no surprise), Lady Gaga, Prince George and even President Obama. Yikes!

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Talking about Bieber at the number four spot, journalist Drew Magary had this to say: “When you’re a just-legal megastar raising hell and being a brat, people will still give you a chance. They’ll blame the money and the fame and probably your parents. But once you lose the baby fat, there are no viable excuses. You are officially just a little s—t for pissing in buckets and cursing out Bill Clinton and writing the exact wrong thing in the guest book at the Anne Frank house and spitting on people and having your monkey confiscated. Also, he dresses like a blind magician.”

And what about Miley? Well, her explanation went like this: “Didn’t we already go through this with Madonna, and Janet Jackson, and Britney, and Xtina, and that one video in which Alanis was naked on a subway with her hair in front of her boobs and it was really awkward for everyone? Miley spent the entire year foam-finger blasting herself, licking sledgehammers, and basically trying every insane strategy she could think of to rile up America’s few remaining pearl clutchers. What’s sad is that it totally worked.”

What do you think? Are Justin and Miley really some of the world’s least influential people?