Justin Bieber gives us our favorite installment of Film Fridays yet – the full trailer for his upcoming documentary Believe! In the two-minute trailer we get a front row seat to some of Bieber’s biggest shows and a behind-the-scenes look at what’s it like to be one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world.

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In Never Say Never, Justin was the biggest pop star in the world and we got to see how he went from child YouTube star to full-blown sensation. Now, in 2013, Bieber is still holding onto his pop star status, but now it comes with headlines that focus more on his personal life than his music.

In Believe, it looks like we’re really going to get an inside look at what it’s been like to be Justin, especially during this past year. We’re talking his heartbreaking and very public split from Selena Gomez, his confrontations with the paparazzi and more. But Believe won’t be all about the low’s of his life. We’ll be getting a look at our favorite goofy Bieber, laughing through all the drama and yes, the topic of sagging pants will be brought up.

Believe opens in theaters on Christmas Day!

What part of Justin’s life do you hope to see in Believe?