Kings of Leon have been in the industry for quite some time and know a thing or two on how to handle being in the public eye. And while they may not have the type of fame that One Direction has gathered, the rock band gave some words of wisdom to the five lads on basically how not to make one huge mistake that you’ll publicist will be working around the clock to fix.

“If you’re going to have a party in a hotel room, have a box at the door and take the girl’s phones. That’s what gets kids in trouble these days. Every phone has a camera,” Nathan Followill told The Sun. Oh kids these days. That’s one lesson that maybe Justin Bieber should have learned.

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While Nathan was all about partying, his brother Caleb Followill had some career tips up his sleeve for 1D. “Don’t try to turn into a rock band or anything. You are already there and have your music and your fans, so don’t try to change what you are,” he explained. Well One Direction have already admitted that their upcoming album Midnight Memories has a bit more of a “rockier” vibe to it, so it might be a little too late for that one.

But we still don’t think we’ll have to worry about our boys doing a complete 180 on us with their music. While they may be adding a bit of edge to their new music, Uncle Simon Cowell assured us that we’ll still fall in love with Midnight Memories. “I think everyone’s going to like it,” he told us. “They had a lot more to do with the – the writing, the choosing of the songs – so they’ve matured as a band, but it’s a great album.”

Did Kings of Leon give 1D solid advice?