Many celebrities are vocal about their opinions of the paparazzi and the media sites that add fuel to the fire by buying the invasive photos. Kristen Bell is the latest to speak out about the photographers and one celeb blogger in particular – Perez Hilton.

Kristen landed at LAX on Wednesday and as she was trying to leave, she was followed by a swarm of photographers, flashing their cameras and flooding her brain with question after question. Even though the actress tried to hide in the restroom until her ride arrived, it didn’t stop the paparazzi.

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But it was on Thursday when Perez Hilton posted the paparazzi photos of the incident on his website and tweeted at Kristen, “@IMKristenBell Kristen Bell Begs The Paparazzi To Stop Flashing Her At LAX!” Kristen replied to the blogger, “@PerezHilton and yet the only reason they continue to harass is because your site & others buy the pictures :(”

Kristen isn’t the only star that has voiced her opinion about Perez. It was earlier this week that Christina Applegate tweeted him to stop posted photos of her daughter. “Hey @PerezHilton I know you’re a thoughtful guy. But I’m asking you to please stop posting pics of my kid. She deserves better thank you,” she wrote. “We just need to stop the obsession. Perez is doing his job. But at some point humanity needs to come into play.#kidsofflimits.”

What do you think about how the paparazzi treat celebrities?

Do they take it too far? Or did the stars sign up for this?