The power of boy bands and girl groups is in full force right now in the music industry and we just have to tell you about our latest obsession – the feisty and adorable ladies of G.R.L. These five girls are about to blow up in the pop world and are already gaining attention thanks to their single “Vacation,” which was featured in Smurfs 2!

Chelsea Briggs sat down with the fun ladies in Los Angeles to hear all about how they came together, details on their debut album and what it’s really like working with the best producers in the world, Dr. Luke and Max Martin!

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Having been together for about three years, G.R.L. are currently hard at work on their debut album, which is actually more than half way done. But it still might take some time until we hear the record in its entirety. “I think we’re going to record a lot more because when we started, the sound was one thing and it keeps evolving so I think we’re still putting together who we are as a new artist,” Simone Battle explained.

With their message of freedom and totally being yourself, 2014 will without a doubt be G.R.L.’s year, with a brand new single set to release in January. If you want to find out more about these ladies, head to their official website and follow them on Twitter!

Will G.R.L. be the next big girl group?