By now, we already know that Lorde is quite the outspoken singer and has no problem telling exactly how she feels – even if she has to issue an apology afterwards. She’s also voiced her feminist opinion regarding Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and now, in a profile with FasterLouder, we learn how she feels about DJ David Guetta.

During the profile, when Lorde’s manager tells her that the EDM DJ wanted to work with her for his next album, she gave a very blunt reply: “No. F—k no. He’s so gross.” Um, gross how? Does she mean looks wise? Music wise? Personality wise?

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In another interview with Q magazine, Lorde also dished on how in pop music, it’s all about shock value. Please look at Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga for an example.

“I’m a feminist so certain things in music I find frustrating. I think pop is scarily powerful,” she said. “There are a lot of shock tactics these days: people trying to outdo each other, which will probably culminate in two people f—king on stage at the Grammys.” Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t reach that point!

What do you think about Lorde’s comments?

Do you love how she is so outspoken or think she should think because she speaks?