It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen Miley Cyrus do any of her infamous twerking but she does rap all about it in’s new “Feelin’ Myself” music video. Oh, and of course she throws in a Molly reference as well.

Sporting a leather bra and short shorts, Miley sways to the beat in some killer heels, completely holding her own alongside will, French Montana and Wiz Khalifa.

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With lyrics like, “Now everybody trippin’ like they poppin’ molly / Up in the club is where you find me / I do it real big never do it tiny,” there’s a reason why people are saying Miley completely stole the show.

Miley’s other videos, such as “We Can’t Stop” and the infamous “Wrecking Ball” definitely pushed the envelope so comparing those to “Feelin’ Myself,” you could say it’s pretty tame.

Are you loving Miley in’s new video?