We’re only three months away from Miley Cyrus kicking off her Bangerz tour and she’s getting all her Smilers amped up with a brand new tour promo! After seeing the promo and just about every performance she’s given this past year, we really can only imagine what will be going on that stage night after night.

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It was just last week that Miley give teeny, tiny details as to what fans will expect from Miley on tour, saying, “The minute you step into my arena, the whole thing feels like you’re a part of this crazy different world and you step in to a show the minute you walk in the door, rather than it being a show when I come onstage. I just want the whole arena to always have a vibe and it to be fun and be a totally different experience and nothing that’s obviously traditional.”

Since celebs love to cover fellow musicians songs during their shows (right Selena Gomez?), we wouldn’t be surprised if Miley put her own spin on some of her favorite tunes. Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” could be one of them since she covered the hit at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Tuesday. Or maybe we’re just hoping she will because she sounded pretty damn flawless singing it.

Will you be picking up tickets to Miley’s show?