One Direction take over not just one cover of Seventeen magazine, but six! Yup, along with the group cover, each one of our favorite fellas gets his own individual one as well. And if you think it couldn’t get much better, did you mention that there’s an interview that involves discussion around Liam Payne’s abs? Yeah, let’s jump right into this one.

We’re going to ignore the fact that their group photo is totally from their Fabulous shoot back in 2012 – well, except for that one mention. But we will say that Harry Styles looks like a bronze god in his individual cover and we just can’t handle it.

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Now, moving on to the interview highlights. Liam seems to be the topic of conversation with Niall Horan picking him for best abs, saying, “Payno-o! That fellow is ripped. He works hard for it though, so I’ll give him that.” Harry admits that while all five of the guys sing in the show, Liam seems to be the one that really gets into it. “We all [sing in the shower]! We can sometimes hear Liam through the wall.”

While all of this is oh-so-fascinating, there’s one fact about the lads that we obviously already know – Louis Tomlinson is quite the trickster. “I’ve been labeled the prankster,” he says. “I change the words of songs when the guys least expect it – their reactions are priceless.”

You can pick up your copy (or all six) of 1D’s Seventeen issue when it hits stands on November 26th!

Which 1D cover is your favorite?