One Direction’s Niall Horan attended his nephew’s christening and got mobbed by Directioners! Did they go too far?

Chelsea Briggs explains it all in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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After finishing a 134-city tour, the fellas of 1D have been doing their best to lay low before jumping right back into the swing of things. Our favorite Irishman Niall was more than excited to spend the day with his family at his nephew Theo’s christening, even tweeted asking his fans to respect his privacy. "Haven't seen my family in 4 months! Would be soo grateful if I could spend some quality time with them! Appreciate your respect !,” he wrote.

But that privacy he asked for isn’t exactly what he received. In fact, Niall was mobbed by a crowd of Directioners as he was walking in and out of the church. Word on the street is that he was pretty annoyed by the reaction, even refusing to sign autographs and stop for photo ops. Yikes!

Do you think it was unfair that fans mobbed Niall after he asked for privacy?

Or do you think it’s all part of his job?