The 2013 Country Music Awards went down Wednesday night and Taylor Swift was the woman of the hour. To honor her years of success in country music, she received the second ever Pinnacle Award!

Country superstars, such as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, George Strait, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban stepped on stage to congratulate Taylor. But to make the evening even more special, a video message that included Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake, Ethel Kennedy, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and more was made. You can imagine how Taylor reacted.

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Thanking the CMAs, Taylor said, “You’re not only rewarding my hard work and exhaustion, you’re rewarding the hard work and exhaustion of my family, the label, and anyone that works for me, and most of all, the fans that fill stadiums.”

Taylor also took the stage to perform “Red” alongside Alison Krauss and Vince Gill.

What did you think of Taylor’s speech?