Our favorite pair, Cal Shapiro and Rez Resnick of Timeflies are killing the music game right now with the release of their Warning Signs EP, out on their headlining tour and gearing up for the release of a full-length album in the near future.

Taking time out of their hectic schedule, the guys stopped by the Hollywire rooftop to chat with Chelsea Briggs all about Warning Signs, touring with Selena Gomez and when exactly we’ll be getting that amped-up album!

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We’ve already given you reasons why you should totally be obsessing over Timeflies’ Warning Signs EP, but Cal explained why the songs on the record were crucial for fan’s attention.

“It had been a while since we put out our last project and we’ve been doing some of the 'Timeflies Tuesdays' but we’re so excited about putting out this album, which the name we’ll be releasing soon, but Warning Signs is kind of a sign of what’s to come on this album and these are some very different songs,” he said. “If you listen, from the hip-hop style of ‘SMFWU,’ from ‘I Believe’ to ‘Ride’ – it’s all over the place and we just wanted our fans to know, we’re still Timeflies doing our thing.”

While we’re absolutely loving Warning Signs, we all have one question: when are you getting the full album?! Well the guys reveal that it could be coming our way early next year but a brand new single and free music will be released beforehand to hold all of us Flyhards over.

Are you stoked to hear Timeflies new album?

And which song off Warning Signs is your favorite?