The first ever YouTube Music Awards went down last weekend and to say it was like any other awards show would be an understatement. We’re just going to say it – it was awkward. From strange wins to interruptions that we’re not really sure if they were supposed to be a part of the show or not, it was just an all-around mess.

Chelsea Briggs just has one question to ask: WTF!

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There were three moments in the show really left us confused. First up, what was up with the lighting? Or should we say lack thereof? And the sound? Aren’t these two the most important things with an awards shows?

Can we talk about the “gags” that went down as well? One in particular was when Taylor Swift won “YouTube Phenomenon” and was accepted by the group Cimorelli. Yes, that’s strange but what’s even worse was when the lead single of Arcade Fire tried to pull a Kanye VMA interruption to someone who wasn’t even there. Can you awkward?

The "WTF Lesson of the Day" goes a bit like this: stick to what you know. If you’re YouTube that would be One Direction music videos, tutorials and hilarious cat videos.

What did you think of the YouTube Music Awards?

Were you left just as confused as we were?