Zac Efron’s upcoming film That Awkward Moment is all about that one moment during the dating process that we know a bit too well – that moment when you both have to decide where you two are heading. Is it time to make it Facebook official? Are we just friends? Do we just keep doing what we’re doing until it burns out?

That Awkward Moment official poster pretty much sums up all that with Zac, alongside his co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan feeling like the confused girls in relationships that started off as just a good time.

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Zac recently opened up about the film focusing on relationships vesus friendships, telling Just Jared Jr., “There’s always two sides. There’s the way that you’re with girl, and there’s the way that you are with your friends.”

During Zac’s plot, he falls for his love interest Ellie, played by Imogen Poots. “Elle – she’s different, you know?” he said. “She, she is very intelligent. She’s very easygoing and laid back. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with this philosophy that our guys have developed about kind of the way they handle themselves with women. She seems to kind of sort of agree with it, in a sense. And Jason’s taken aback, but…I think she just throws him a curveball that’s he’s not ready for.”

Check out the red-band trailer below and catch That Awkward Moment when it hits theaters on January 31st!

Will you be checking out That Awkward Moment?