Let’s face it – Ellie Goulding is pretty much flawless. And she makes it even more obvious while gracing the January cover of U.K.’s Cosmopolitan, but the singer admits to the magazine that she wasn’t as confident about herself as we would think.

“My confident has grown in the past years, as a woman… I feel strong in more ways than one at the moment… I feel very independent and feminist right now,” Ellie explains. “I went through a time of being quite insecure. I’d convince myself I was fat; I didn’t like my figure and I had a big nose. Now I’ve finally got to a place where I don’t focus on those things. I feel like I’m not changing for anyone; I’m doing it all for myself.” Basically what she’s getting at is girl power totally rules.

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Speaking of girl power, Ellie also dishes on her friendship with fellow blonde pop star Taylor Swift! "Me and Taylor [Swift] are similar in that we write about relationships, and we joke about that,” she says. “We text and sometimes I only have to say one thing, and even if it’s cryptic she gets it. She’s an inspiration to me because she reinstated how honest you can be about a boy in your music.”

Elle continues, "I thought maybe I should stop being so explicit at one point, then I slapped myself out of that: I’m always going to write about people.”

Can we please talk about her other celeb BFF’s, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne? Like, how do we get to be a part of his fabulous friend group? “There are several girls I’m really close to and we are mental. Rita I adore. She’s got a really good outlook on life – she’s really positive, hard- working and funny. Cara and I have so much fun; we relate to each other."

Who are your favorite celebrity BFF’s?