Not only do we have to say goodbye to the contestant's from this season's X-Factorbut we also have to say farewell to our favorite blue-haired judge Demi Lovato.

Simon Cowell broke the news on his Twitter -- and while they haven't always had the best relationship on the show, it seems like it's a friendly departure.

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Demi confirmed her decision to leave when we interviewed her backstage at X-Factor this week and she told us what she's planning on doing next. She told Hollywire, "I'm excited to tour, I haven't toured since first season. I'm just excited to go back to my roots. I was a singer and that's why I was a judge and now I'm itching to go back."

We have to say while we're sad that we won't get to see her next season, we're excited that she'll be diving back into music.

Who do you think could fill Demi's shoes on X-Factor?