Between Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus, it might be a bit of a tough decision to figure out who was the entertainer of 2013. We’ve got Jen with her Oscar win and epic fall, but we also have Miley with her twerk-filled, controversial year. And apparently the Associated Press was a little torn because Jennifer beat Miley by one vote for their “Entertainer of the Year” honor.

So what does Jennifer being chosen for “Entertainer of the Year” mean exactly? Well, 70 editors and news directors from all over the country were asked to pick the one person who they felt had the “most influence” in 2013. And considering that everyone wants a piece of J-Law, her win was definitely well-deserved. Receiving 15 votes and Miley nabbing 14, the most-talked about celeb placed second on the list.

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Netflix landed at number three, Breaking Bad came in at number four and Justin Timberlake’s comeback this year earned him the number five spot.

Jennifer had a monumental 2013, kicking the year off with her first Oscar win for Silver Linings Playbook and becoming the number one celeb who everyone loved and adored. She ended her year on a high note, releasing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and receiving positive praise for her role in American Hustle.

Do you think Jennifer was the top celeb of 2013?