We still may not 100 percent trust Katy Perry’s decision to still be dating John Mayer (people don’t forget), we do have to admit that the cover art for their single “Who You Love” is pretty stinkin’ cute.

The art for the single, which Katy co-wrote with John was his Paradise Valley album, shows Katy looking sexy on a couch with her hand resting on John’s chest as he strums the guitar. Honestly, it’s a great photo, shot by photographer Mario Sorrenti, who also did a number of intimate photographs to go with the release of the song on Vanity Fair’s website.

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John tweeted the photo out to his followers, writing, “Proud of this song, proud of this artwork, proud of this girl.” He also posted the black-and-white photo on his Tumblr, writing, “Yes, we look like this at home pretty much all the time.” Hey, we’d totally buy it!

Katy and John have been through the ringer with their relationship – together, then not, then together again. But he kinda-sorta hinted at settling down with the pop star to the Associated Press back in August, saying, “I remember handing a camera off to one of the guys in the studio, like, ‘We need a picture of us at the board so when we get old and gray there’s a picture of us looking cool making music in L.A.’”

What do you think of John and Katy’s cover art?

And do you like these two as a couple?