And Music Mondays continues on with another brand new tune from Justin Bieber! The singer released “Change Me,” plus gets extra steamy in his latest music video! Oh la la!

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Justin’s ninth Music Monday release an a slowed down, emotional ballad that has him pleading for one lucky girl to be in his life. “Maybe you could be the light / that open up my eyes / make all my wrongs right / change me, change me,” he sings in the song. Hm, wonder who he could be singing all about?

Going from baring his soul to having full-blown make out sessions, Bieber released his first look into his “All That Matters” music video, which is expected to be released today, and it’s pretty steamy. We’re talking make outs, caressing, longing gazes into the camera – is it getting hot in here?

What are your thoughts on Justin’s new song?

And what about his new music video?