Justin Bieber set box office records with his first documentary Never Say Never. Unfortunately, his second film Believe didn’t quite measure up during its first three days at the theater.

Believe only earned $3.1 million during its three days. To give you an idea of it compared to other films last weekend, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will bring in $32 million over the weekend. Ouch! According to Open Road Films, they’re blaming a few different reasons for the low debut, from few screens compared to Never Say Never and a smaller marketing budget.

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“It’s a new model. We wanted to go straight to Justin’s fans,” said Jason Cassidy, marketing chief. “Financially, we’re going to be fine.” Fans did get an inside look at Bieber’s chaotic 2013 that made headlines all around the world. From attacking paparazzi to facing numerous lawsuits, let’s just say Justin is probably pretty stoked for a fresh start with the upcoming new year.

Are you surprised by Justin’s slump at the box office?