Let’s state the obvious: Justin Bieber has great hair. In fact, when he started to become popular with the release of his first album My World, girls all over the world were constantly swooning over his beautiful locks.

In honor of his second documentary Believe, hitting theaters on Christmas Day, let’s take a look back at Bieber’s most iconic looks throughout the years. It’s hair evolution time!

2009-2010: Bieber Bangs

Hitting the music scene at the age of 15, Justin became well-known for his signature bangs. The hairdo was so popular that many teen boys quickly sought out the same look. Plus, let’s not forget how crazy his Beliebers went whenever he did the “hair shake.”

2011: Swept Up

At the age of 17 and with Selena Gomez on his arm, Justin worked on ditching his signature look that became so well-know. JB discovered hair gel and worked on his “wind swept” ‘do while still holding on his longer hair.

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2012: Spiked

With the release of his album Believe, Justin worked on a completely different look: the spiked hairdo. Helping him look much older from when he jumped on the scene years before, this is the look at he still carries, unless he’s wearing a hat, of course.

2013: Hats Galore

Speaking of hats, Justin was constantly spotted out and about with a different cap in 2013. But when you’re the biggest pop star in the world and constantly being chased by fans and photographers, we don’t really blame him for trying to go incognito on the streets. Plus, this year was all about touring the world, so the chances of him being super exhausted and not even caring about his hair are pretty high.

Which of Justin’s look has been your favorite through the years?