Why do three separate music videos when you could just do what Lana Del Rey did and create one short film with three different songs? After teasing her Tropico short film a couple weeks ago, she unveiled her 27-minute project to the world and man, it’s quite the story.

Opening the film with Lana as Eve and her co-star Shaun Ross as Adam, the two dance seductively as Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and Jesus watch on with approval. Oh, and there’s a unicorn too, of course.

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Once the two take a bite of the apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge, lighting strikes and we’re taken to present day Los Angeles. Lana is a stripper with a heart of gold and Shaun is her convenience store clerk boyfriend who clearly doesn’t look satisfied with this life. As it turns out, Shaun is the leader of a gang who rob a group of businessmen who just want to be surrounded by a few of Lana’s co-workers. The video ends with Lana and Shaun driving off into the sunset, decked out in white. Got it all?

While the video is visually beautiful and the story is pretty interesting to watch, leave it to Lana to have us saying “WTF” to a variety of moments. Plus, did anyone else feel like they were watching Spring Breakers during the shooting guns while overlooking LA scene? Regardless of it's strange moments, we'll admit it -- Tropico is actually beautifully done.

Watch the 27-minute film below:

What are your favorite part about Tropico?

And what about the part that confused you the most?