The ladies of Little Mix are ready to completely dominate the United States with the release of their second album Salute on February 4th. To get people talking about just how fabulous and talented they really are, they performed on The X-Factor Thursday night, getting everybody moving with their ah-mazing single “Move.”

Chelsea Briggs caught up with LM right before they jumped on stage to talk about their album, how they’ve evolved as a group. Also, they may or may not have sung “Wings” in Japanese.

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It’s been two years since they won The X-Factor U.K. and spending every moment together since then definitely helped them grow as a musical group. “I think we get closer every day as a group, with our harmonies and I just think we’re more confident as performers now,” Jade explained. “We’re more like artists now, more established, whereas when we came off X-Factor, we were scared of the world.”

We couldn’t be more excited for Salute to hit our ears in a couple months and rumor has it that the album has a military-vibe to it. “That happened by accident,” Perrie said. “We wrote “Salute,” and then we did a different beat – all different things and it all somehow came together and it was a military feel, and then we named it Salute.”

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