Miley Cyrus: the person of 2013? We know, kind of a crazy thought, right? What with all President Obama, the Boston Marathon bombers, NSA leaker Edward Snowden and many other Hollywood stars who had a kick-ass year. But according to TIME (or at least the readers), Miley could quite possibly be “Person of the Year.”

In an online poll, TIME readers are voting on who they think should take the honor and according to the results thus far, Miley is in the lead. But remember, the actual TIME “Person of the Year” will be decided by the magazine’s editors, so this is basically just a ploy to get buzz around the event.

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As of last week, Miley was in the lead with 29 percent and second was Edward Snowden with 9.4 percent. Yes, the Queen of Twerk and Queen of Never Having Her Tongue in Her Mouth is way ahead. But according to one hacker group, they’re the ones responsible for Miley taking the number one spot, as they claimed to have rigged the voting in her favor. Ah, so that explains it!

Regardless, people still little to cast their vote, as the poll closes at 11:59 PM on December 4th and the winner of the readers’ poll will be announced on December 6th. But the actual TIME “Person of the Year” will be revealed on December 11th.

Do you think Miley should be named TIME’s “Person of the Year?”