One Direction: the world’s biggest boy band, movie stars, authors and now… TV stars? According to reports, the fellas of 1D could be following in the same footsteps as their boy band competition The Wanted and starring in their very own reality show. Um, can you say best news ever?!

According to The Daily Star, networks have been working on getting the five lads on the small screen for a 10-part reality series in 2014 and by the sounds of it, it could actually happen. “Producers have met with the band’s representatives and it’s pretty much a done deal,” a source said. “Details are being ironed out, including budgets and when to film.”

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While some people (Directioners, obviously) are beyond stoked to get an inside look into 1D’s lives, but some may be a bit skeptical. Why would these guys let cameras into their lives and make themselves even more exposed than they already are? Well, did we mention they could be making £3.5million for it? Yeah, that should explain it a bit better.

2013 has been an outrageous year for One Direction and they started wrapping up one of their biggest years by appearing on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live! We obviously have to feature the best skit from the entire episode – Paul Rudd as One Direction biggest fan!

Would you tune into a 1D reality show?

Or do you think it’s a bad idea for the guys to sign up for?