Selena Gomez is calling out fans on Instagram, yet again, for bullying one another on the social media platform. After posting her comment on one of her own photos, she took a screen shot and then Instagramed the photo so all of her fans could see the message she was trying to get across.

It all started after one of her fans reportedly told another fan to cut herself on Instagram, bullying her by posting rude photos on her Instagram. This is when Selena stepped in. “This is ridiculous. My fans don’t do this to others. This is not what I stand for so you can gladly stop being a fan of me.”

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Sending love to the bullied fan, she continued, “My love, @keylimegomez you are gorgeous just the way you are. Don’t ever attempt that s—t again. Ok? I love you too much for you to be doing that.”

Passing the message on to her millions of other followers, Selena wrote, “Don’t ever think this is fun to get attention. It’s just wrong. I love you all just the way you are.”

This isn’t the first time that Selena has called out fans on her Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, she set a commenter straight after they accused her of dissing Justin Bieber. SelGo responded with, “IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT!!!”

What do you think about Selena stepping in?