It’s The Vamps versus IM5: One Direction edition! Both of these groups put their own spin on 1D’s biggest hits but we obviously have to know which one you think it better!

Chelsea Briggs gives you a listen to both in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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First up, The Vamps! These British lads heading into the green forest to cover 1D’s new single “Story of My Life” and it’s pretty much perfect. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that lead singer Brad has a hint of resemblance to Harry Styles. Gotta love those curly locks!

Next up, the silly boys of IM5! Not only did they also cover “Story of My Life,” but they made it a mash up with the song that’s been dominating the radio for the best few months – Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” Sure, they might not be deep in the forest, but they are hard at work in the studio, which is just as good.

Which 1D cover was your favorite?

The Vamps or IM5?